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How Tanzania’s Idris Sultan Evolved from A Big Brother Africa Housemate to a Fashion Icon

Jul 10, 2020
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Tanzania’s fashion industry is booming impressively. It appears that new designers have started popping up in the past few years.

Fashion generally tends to boom in a country with a rapidly growing middle class and Tanzania is a great example of this instance. Moreover, fabrics and machinery are becoming easily accessible and affordable. One can literally start a fashion line from the comfort of one’s room.

Tanzania’s Idris Sultan is currently playing a huge role in Tanzania’s fashion and entertainment industry. He won the 2014 edition of Big Brother Africa reality show, walking away with the $300,000 cash prize. He is popularly known for being a prolific Actor, comedian and Radio host in Tanzania.

He hosts the biggest comedy news show called Sio Habari. Apart from that, he also hosts his own stand-up comedy show. He is well known in Tanzania through his Instagram posts and he hosts a radio show called MwB(Mji wa Burudani) on “ChoiceFM” Tanzania.

He proceeded to put the cash Prize he won from Big Brother Africa to good use by founding Sultan By Foremen in 2017, a footwear brand that has become extremely popular amongst Tanzania’s hip, urban population.

The startup had a turnover of more than £ 200,000 in 2017. Sultan has continued to build an informidable empire in the fashion and entertainment scene, being brand ambassadors for various reputable brands across Africa and globally.

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