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Starting a Business

Starting a Business: All you Need to Know

Business does not grow by wishing, there has to be a track record of hard work, smart work, diligence, and discipline.

According to Investopedia, “20% of small business enterprises crumble in their first year, while about 50% of them fail after five years.”

I would say business is not a bed of roses, and just as life throws challenges at us, so will business bring its challenges. At that particular moment, some business owners feel frustrated and quit.

If you’re ready to start a business that stands strong through challenges, this is for you:

1.           Market Research

A business will likely flounder without competent market research.
Small business market research can help you learn about your industry and your competitors, and inform you how to market your business to the customers and clients you wish to reach. Market research can help you establish a fact-based framework for projecting sales and profitability.

It’s more important than ever to leverage market research for an outstanding business.

2.         Equip yourself with Knowledge

The lack of adequate knowledge needed to market a business is one of the greatest undoings of the average small business owner.

As a prospective entrepreneur, you should invest in learning basic business management skills like marketing, branding, customer relations, and government relations. Adequate knowledge will give your business an edge in a highly competitive environment.

Check The Small Business Assistant for insightful business tips.

3.         Finances and Record-Keeping

Money is one of the tools and assets that keep businesses moving. As a prospective entrepreneur, you should have adequate knowledge about finances and proper record keeping.

Develop the habit of keeping proper accounting records of your business operations and keeping good financial records. This will help you to be fully aware of your cash flow.

I recommend “Kippa”. A must-have Record keeping Mobile App for entrepreneurs.

4.         Create Awareness about your Business

Creating awareness puts your business at the edge or peak.

Learn how to take advantage of the digital world to make your business visible to all, by creating amazing content, social media ads, and websites to boost sales and generate profits.


In conclusion, these tips, as a prospective entrepreneur, gives you an edge in a competitive environment and equip you with adequate knowledge for establishing a successful business that thrives for as long as it is run.

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