How Anerlisa Muigai Built Her Executive Water Bottling Company From the Scratch

Anerlisa Muigai is without a doubt one of the most popular young entrepreneurs in Kenya. This is mostly as a result of her unique background. She is the eldest daughter of business tycoon Tabitha Mulgai karanja and Joseph karanja, the Founder and CEO of Keroche Breweries.

Anerlisa was born with a silver spoon background but rather than focus on her parent’s affluence and riches, she decided to branch out and follow in her parent’s footsteps, she launched her own company called Nero Limited.

Nero limited is a beverage company that manufactures and sells the top selling executive still water across Kenya. From the branding to the exclusive source location of the product, one would easily understand why the still water is classified as executive.

Before starting her own company, Anerisa applied for a marketing position at Karoche breweries, her mother’s company, but she was rejected due to lack of experience.

However, she did not let the rejection deter her from going after her dreams as she established Nero limited afterwards to produce exclusive still water, targeting the aristocratic class.

“I first applied for a marketing job in Karoche breweries but due to lack of enough experience I was denied I was denied the job. So, what next? I decided to start company ltd to produce executive still water, to learn more and maybe re-apply for the marketing job.” She said

As a fast rising and self-made entrepreneur, Anerisa is a woman that has gone far and beyond to achieving her dreams independently.

With a strong online presence, Anerisa uses her platform to encourage other aspiring African entrepreneurs to go after their dreams and not give up. She was recently nominated for the category of female entrepreneur of the year in 2018 in an event organized by Bizna.

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