CEO CORNER: BIG Law, the Telecoms Law Magnate who Rose against all Odds

Every success story represents years of dedicated hardwork and homework. The zeal to succeed and a firm resolution to settle only for excellence.

This is the same and true for Babatunde I.G Lawal, Esq (BIG Law), Founding and Managing Partner of HARLEM SOLICITORS¬†, one of Nigeria’s top tier corporate/commercial law firms. They deliver excellent client services, quality internships with top notch corporate culture, and are known as a firm hinged on honest advice and proactive strategy.

HARLEM's premises

BIG Law is a member of the African Arbitration Association, he has decades of solid experience in Legal, Regulatory, Corporate/Commercial, Real Estate, Dispute Resolution and Risk Management with quintessential knowledge of the telecommunications sector.

He founded HARLEM SOLICITORS in 2018 and has since grown it to rank among top law firms with an excellent team.

Mr. Lawal’s watchwords are “excellence” and “near suicidal commitment to learning”.

What inspired the birth of HARLEM SOLICITORS?

Right from my days as an undergraduate, I had always been inclined to corporate life. After school, I worked as a Litigation Lawyer in the law firm of Bon Nwakanma, SAN & Co in Owerri. In 2003, I moved to Agbaje, Agbaje & Co in Ibadan. After which I worked at Oodua Telecomms Ltd(Onet) from 2004-2008. My stay at Onet fueled my passion for the Telecommunications sector and I proceeded to work at a bigger Telecoms company and eventually at a multinational in Lagos before taking a bow in 2017 to and founded HARLEM SOLICITORS in 2018.

My 14 years in the corporate sector fueled my passion and prepared me.

What are some of the challenges you have encountered so far?

Ibadan is a city replete with largely litigation law firms. You cannot find a lot of people doing what you are doing. Unlike Lagos that is known to be the headquarters of the majority of corporate/commercial and telecommunications firms.

Also, our area of specialization is novel to this part, so we do not get a lot of publicity.

What are the principles that have kept you going and at top speed?

I may not be a pastor, but I believe in the mercies of God. And I also believe if God will show mercy, you also have to do your part and put in the hardwork and required efforts. I dislike ineptitude

We at Harlem are always on our toes, with team members who appreciate excellence, discipline, integrity, innovation and always looking for better ways to deliver the next big thing.

In all modesty, our internships are unparalleled in these parts. We believe in excellence, consistent hardwork, dedication and near suicidal commitment to learning.

Why did you make the decision and commitment to run batches of paid internships?

The need to impact knowledge and give young people a better standing in life by providing them with the needed skills and experience.


I had it rough while growing up and trying to navigate through life without the advantage of internships. From studying music, to doing a protracted diploma in Law at Ogun State University, because of strikes.

That is why the internship is usually intense and only meant for serious-minded students with willingness to learn.Internship

The paid internships are also part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and our way of giving back to the society.

What advice do you have for young Nigerians looking to grow into successful lawyers?

Be committed, stay focused and dedicated to excellence and perfection. Develop near suicidal commitment to learning, stay resilient through the highs and lows. Never lose sight of their goals and remain steadfast.




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