South Africa’s Nick Kaoma is Inspiring African Youths through his Clothing Brand, Head Honcho

As is our culture, Founders Africa continues to bring to our readers the lives and impact of young and very promising business sunbeams in Africa. One of these exceptional young entrepreneurs is Nick Kaoma, the CEO of the leading street-wear clothing label, Head Honcho Clothing in South Africa.

The young South African had nothing at the onset but serious determination and it paid off handsomely as Head Honcho is now heading the pack in street-wear fashion in South Africa, with collaborations with brands such as Miller and Play, and was the first local brand to be stocked in Shesha and Sport scene outlets all over the country and in other African countries like Nigeria and Zambia.

He decided that acquiring a certificate in Accounting was nowhere as exciting as actually plunging head first into building his clothing empire.

Nick is one of the young African Entrepreneurs who started right from the scratch by attending the right fashion events while working first as a waiter and later as a Sales Person. He also worked as a Feature Writer for Uhuru Communications Student Choice publication before being promoted to editor at the age of 24.

Having being a victim of being orphaned at a very young age, Nick was saddled with the responsibility of seeing his younger siblings through school. He invested some time in researching the Cape Town fashion and media culture. At 25, Nick officially launched his own clothing label in 2008 with partner Mzoxolo Gcwabe.

He attested to the fact that e had a few issues with lack of capital, but his biggest challenge was self-doubt, which he said he was able to conquer by engaging in conversations with people who have succeeded in his industry.

He is ranked 4th on the Forbes list of Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa, his biggest aspiration is to change the South African fashion industry and “the simple desire to create something magical that reflects the spirit of our times”

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