Saturday, March 2, 2024
Startups in Africa

SolarNow is Transforming the Lives of East Africans by Providing Quality, Sustainable and Affordable Energy Solutions

There are various Energy companies in Africa, but usually most of the organizations usually have a short life span and some organizations are even out there to scam people. This position is different with SolarNow a reputable energy company founded by Willem Nolens in 2011.

SolarNow is a thriving energy startup that affords Africans with clean, affordable and quality energy solutions. Their products are based on Dutch technology and meet international quality standards, they are built to last and their product range is continually expanding.

They don’t just offer Solar solutions, they also offer financing solutions and allow customers to pay upfront or choose a credit option to pay for the products in monthly installments with a pay plan period of up to 24 months that suits them alongside warranty, installation and 5 years free service to the clients. In addition to free installation, the startup provides for a 24/7 customer care services in case anything goes wrong.

Their main focus is particularly on solutions that are used to generate income or reduce energy costs since solar energy is a clean, affordable and reliable alternative to traditional energy.

SolarNow offers solar home systems, electrical appliances and power solutions that are designed to fit the needs of rural and urban households, entrepreneurs and institutions. It also offers its services to households, small businesses, farming and corporate solutions. Its headquarters is situated in Nijmen in the Netherlands and branch locations in Uganda and Kenya.

They are empowering clients through the provision of energy and are improving poverty alleviation in East Africa. Willem Nolens, the CEO of SolarNow said “I love the impact we make: supporting our people to grow into client-focused committed professionals and empowering our clients through poverty reduction, employment creation and sustainable development”
It is trusted by over 25000 clients as a lifetime quality energy solution partner.

They have about 1500000 installed Wp and have been able to touch about 90,000 lives, have 63 branches and 766 staff. SolarNow has raised a total of $29.2M in funding over 7 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on January 8, 2019 from a debt financing round. The company is making vast progress to expand in Africa.

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