is Making it Easy for Nigerian Students to Find and Book Hostel Accommodation

For students, especially those who school in an unfamiliar environment from their usual residence, house hunting is usually excruciating and as much as students find the process rigorous, landlords as well have similar issues with managing rentals and getting student tenants. A Nigerian startup is solving these issues and making it easier for both students and house owners to have a hassle-free process in securing shelter, it is a housing market place that connects college students and landlords for the main purpose of making renting and house hunting easier. was founded by Joel Amawhe in 2016. It is a zero-risk matching platform providing critical information about available off-campus hostels including photographs, video, pricing, distance and others from verified landlords. Due to the hardship encountered by students and corps members in getting suitable accommodation, was established to help them secure best accommodations at affordable prices easily.

They have verified listings from verified landlords in the 60+ cities where they operate and the residences are carefully handpicked through an expert network of local housing consultants. Everything is done in one seamless experience; browsing areas, finding directions and distance to school or PPA coupled with booking and paying for the space within few minutes.
The platform builds a reliable network with potential users by being always available and active on social media, phone and email all round the clock. They also give job opportunities to willing employees who are required to submit accommodations opportunities from landlords on in exchange for commission.

So far, they have curated over 3,500 rooms in more than 60 schools in Nigeria and have also partnered with several schools and student bodies in Nigeria. With the platform, landlords can list their hostels, manage their rentals, enjoy free insurance cover and students on the other hand, can browse, view and book the hostels.

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