Saturday, June 22, 2024
Startups in Africa

Egypt’s Leading Healthcare Startup, Vezeeta is Empowering Patients

Founded by Amir Barsoum in 2012; Vezeeta is an Egyptian online medical care scheduling services, providing a free of charge medical search platform for end users by integrating information about medical practices and doctors’ individual schedules in a central location.

The company is bases in Cairo, with offices in Aman, Beirut, Dubai and Riyadh.

The startup initially set out to build a better ambulance service for people in the Middle East and North Africa. But since their launch in 2011, the company has expanded to cover other a host of other healthcare needs.

From online bookings to clinic management software, they now touch every aspect of the patient experience, making it easier for people to find and access the best healthcare in their area.

Vezeeta provides a scheduling system on a paid subscription basis for medical personnel. The scheduling system can be accessed by subscribers’ schedules available to the patients.

The end user searchable database includes specialties, range of services, office locations, photographs, personnel educational background and user-submitted reviews. Users can review doctors’ schedules and make appointments for specific time slots.

Currently operating in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, they’ve helped over 2.5 million patients make more than 3 million bookings. And with a $12 million Series C investment raised last year, they show no signs of slowing down.

Vezeeta continues to lead the digital disruption of the healthcare industry by expanding its product portfolio and footprint across emerging markets.

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