Saturday, June 22, 2024
Startups in Africa

Survey54 is Helping Users make Decisions through Survey

Survey54 is an on-demand survey platform founded by Stephan Eyeson in 2016 with a focus on emerging markets in Africa and the diaspora.

It is a platform that enables organizations, companies and governments to use the power of our audience to get answers to critical questions with the believe that data can help make decisions.

The startup has thousands of respondents across the continent who are ready to provide insights. Survey54 uses SMS and android enabled phones to reach their audience.

Stephan Eyeson came up with the idea of Survey54 when he was working at SurveyMonkey and he realized that there’s a massive value in using day-to-day research as a baseline for decision making and that virtually every idea or product can be tested.

At Survey54, clients can get surveys for pre-launch product idea or even name. when launched, conduct user testing to understand usage and so many other use cases throughout the product life cycle where research is needed to make qualitative decisions.

Usually, when it comed to Africa and other emerging countries, it is usually difficult to obtain the data and resources to conduct research, research activity is generally done offline rather than online.

Offline analysis is commonly carried out by agencies who charge a lot because it is too labour intensive.

Into this vacuum, Survey54 steps in to provide the means and data readily available to get the needed insights

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