TeamApt is Making Financial Transactions Easier for Nigerian

TeamApt is a FinTech startup located in Nigeria, it was founded by Tosin Eniolorunda in 2015, the startup makes easier, faster and cheaper the way banks, individuals and businesses in Africa perform and process financial transactions through deployment and running of digital solutions and payment infrastructure.

Basically, the aim of TeamApt is to provide digital solutions and payment infrastructure for Africans, they deliver financial happiness using digital solutions delivered through their partner banks.

In doing this, they assist clients to create an unforgettable customer experiences for their retail, corporate and merchant customers through web, mobile or USSD channels by accelerating the digital transformation strategy with a reliable, secure and scalable omni-channel digital banking and payment infrastructure.

They team also help to improve businesses by making use of digital business solutions to seamlessly run and manage such business’ core processes from end-to-end, hence, taking the business to the next level.

Likewise, through the use of data-driven insights, TeamApt facilitates digital financial services for the unbanked population to drive financial inclusion and development across Africa.

TeamApt also help in financial management for customers, traders, SMEs made easy through collaboration with financial institutions to enhance processes that yield effective solutions and accelerate growth, they also simplify payment processes for customers as they ensure financial collections for entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, government and financial institutions across Africa through various transaction channels.

Overtime, TeamApt has supported 26 banks, boasts of a $160 million monthly transactions, has about 3 million satisfied customers and also has about 100 thousand businesses on board. The members refer to themselves as ‘Aptians’ and for them, clarity, context and proper execution are key in solving problems, creating value and creating financial happiness for individuals and businesses.

The startup raised a $5 million funding capital in 2019 in a Series A round led by Quantum Capital Partners to expand its white label digital finance products. They are also working on launching an App called ‘AptPay’ to ensure centralization of all services currently used on banking mobile apps.

TeamApt identifies Nigeria as its first market, but is also looking to expand to other African countries.

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