How Divine Ndhlukula is Improving Security System in Zimbabwe

The overall quality of security in most African countries is considerably poor and this is due to the reoccurrence of conflicts in some countries.

Decentralized forms of violence like terrorism, urban riots and small insurgencies have been on the rise and this mostly has been caused by highly unequal economic growth in many African countries.

Dr. Divine Ndhlukula founded Securico; the first Zimbabwean manned security company to be certified to the internationally acclaimed Quality Management System.

Securico is now one of Zimbabwe’s largest security groups and has developed into a world-class security service organization, with partnerships in countries like South Africa, China, and India.

Divine Ndhlukula has always had the passion for entrepreneurship. She would sell out clothing to her colleagues and rent out trucks to construction companies to make a little extra money.

Divine was always on the lookout for her next entrepreneurial opportunity.
Speaking to a Zimbabwean newspaper, Dr Divine said “I thought there was a gap in the industry. Companies that were not living up to the needs of clients. The industry was renowned for wild cat strikes and guards generally were perceived as the lowly-paid in any sector. I wanted to change the perception and create a niche in which people could carve out a career and I knew I needed to go in with a different approach and that approach was going to make the difference, the people had to be key or central feature of the vision”

She encountered a challenge when her brother fell on hard times and she had to work at his farm to save him from bankruptcy. On returning back to work, Divine became aware of an opportunity to branch into the security services sector.

She discovered that the security sector lacked the professionalism, quality, and services that a number of businesses required.

Although she didn’t have a passion for security, she had the passion for business and so with no capital and knowledge of security, Divine started her business with a determination to succeed.

She was named one of the most successful women in Africa by Forbes. She also founded Zvikomborero Farms, an agricultural company involved in a variety of farming activities and presently employs 17 permanent employees and over 12 on a temporary basis.

Dr. Divine continually rely on the watchword: “Investigate various opportunities that you could see and think of.”

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