Thursday, June 13, 2024
Startups in Africa

Domore is Connecting Professional Building Contractors to Clients

Doing a home or office repair project like kitchen remodeling, roof repairs, plumbing work or building a new house can sometimes be a very frustrating and challenging process, and this happens when  unqualified persons handle such project.

It’s usually hard to know skilled and professionals, so a good number of times, we find ourselves working with contractors who lack professionalism and inflate project costs.

Domore is an online platform providing solutions to this problem by enabling Nigerians access the best professionals who are skilled at working on specific  kind of projects, and at the best prices.

Founded by Ephraim Anierobi, the platform connects professional building contractors with clients looking for qualified professionals easily. Services listed on Domore include home and office renovations, roof repairs, kitchen remodeling, painting, plumbing work and building a new apartment. Users have the option of signing up as contractors or clients.

Clients request for projects by filling a form on the website, contractors apply for those projects and get selected based on their performance history.

According to Ephraim, “We are committed to providing tools and information that makes it easy for everyone to build and maintain their homes based on priorities”.

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