Thursday, June 13, 2024
Startups in Africa

Co-tenant Wants to Help Nigerians Access Affordable Apartments

Renting an apartment in Nigeria is quite expensive, especially in cities like Abuja and Lagos. A lot of people who work in these cities live outside them, because of the high cost of rent.

 Co-tenant was founded by Kola Bilewu, and is providing a lasting solution to this problem.

Co-tenant is a space and rent sharing platform, users can share a space in their apartment, office and shop, they can equally share rent by looking for users looking to rent an apartment in a location, and can’t pay the full package.

According to Kola, “The Holy Spirit gave me the idea after I prayed for souls to be saved for 5 hours straight. He made me understand a lot of Africans can’t rent properties they desire because of cost. It was created to save cost of renting an apartment. Imagine someone working in Lekki everyday, the cost of transportation to Lekki is #300,000 per year. That’s the cost of a 3 bedroom in some parts of Lekki so imagine renting a room in someone apartment for lets say 70k? You just save yourself 230,000.”

“We have users from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and getting some in Kenya.”

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