LegitCar is Preventing Car Theft in Nigeria

In Africa and most parts of the world, most times, people go through the horror of their cars being stolen, forcefully taken away from people at gunpoint (some people lose their lives in the process) or they just disappear from the parking lots; and most are still resold to other people who don’t know these cars are stolen.

LegitCar was developed in 2016 by Vincent Okeke in order to stop this resale from happening. The brand provides solutions to make it impossible for stolen cars to be resold, with time, they hope to make that line of business unattractive for thieves, and as such make our world a little bit safer.

So, starting from Nigeria, they are compiling a database of missing vehicles in Africa, and will enable car buyers search the database for a small fee of about $2 per search to ensure that they do not waste their money purchasing vehicles that will be retrieved from them if found to be stolen. This is the core of the business, and it gives validity and publicity to other businesses they are developing around it.

To complement the efforts of the Government on crime prevention, specifically car theft which has been on the rise in recent times, legitcar.ng was developed. This is the team’s humble attempt to tackle this challenge.

Most of these cars stolen from people are still resold to unsuspecting members of the public, consequently they strive to save potential car buyers from the dangers of purchasing stolen vehicles by enabling potential car buyers to search their vast database of stolen vehicles in Nigeria and verify we do not have their potential cars listed as one. The site notifies them if the vehicle is listed as stolen, and urges them to contact the person registered as the owner on our website.

In another light, they also try to reunite people who have their cars registered on their website as stolen, with their cars. That is why we usually urge people who have lost their cars either through theft, or

The potentials inherent in having such a service available to all Nigerians cannot be overemphasized. Apart from its ability to reduce car theft to the barest minimum by blocking the resale of stolen vehicles to unsuspecting members of the public, it also has the potential to create the much-needed employment to youths, and make future entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it will minimize the time and scarce resources spent on attempting to recover stolen vehicles.

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