This South African Startup is Making it Easy to Send Money to Africa

The MaxiCash app is a financial support ecosystem built around Smart Remittance and Electronic payments for the African market and its diaspora to help support their families and enhance people’s lives. It serves as a virtual wallet which allows African expats globally to support their families and friends back home.

Some of its key features are sending money, buying electronic vouchers, buying airtime vouchers, paying schools, hospitals, companies, as well as donating to churches and NGOs.

It was founded by Tania Mukwamu a Congolese born tech entrepreneur together with partner, Ruddy Mukwamu in 2010. The website extends its services by being a payment solution to cater for untapped markets allowing consumer to receive or make payment electronically through its Ultimate Virtual Wallet conveniently from anywhere and at affordable and competitive rates and also to allow users to transfer and transact with African mobile money service providers with hopes of coming ahead in Africa’s competitive mobile space.

The startup offers a fast, easy and affordable way to send money to Africa and the company has developed an app for African expats to send money to their families in Africa without using any traditional ‘agencies’ or ‘bank.’ It is available from anywhere and quite secure.

It requires as little as 3.5% service fee, the voucher is transferable to other users and it is easy and paperless with multiple service providers. Services available through the application include transferring money to Africa, purchasing airtime and data bundles, paying for school fees, hospital and utility bills with listed partner organizations as well as making donations to churches and NGO’s in various African countries conveniently from anywhere in the world. With MaxiCash app, the process of sending money to and from Africa has been thoroughly simplified.

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