Tanzania’s Brigitha Faustin is Setting The Benchmark for Women Agripreneurship

Brigitha Faustin is the founder and Managing Director of OBRI Company, an Agro-Industrial company whose main businesses include edible oils manufacturing and fractionations under the OBRI brand.

The OBRI Company is modeled as a co-operative social enterprise. Under this model, OBRI has empowered more than 230 local Tanzanian farmers who are organized under farmers associations in Tanzania by providing sustainable market channels for their produce. OBRI’s cooking oils are sold in retail outlets across the country.

Being a self-taught entrepreneur who has a deep flair for agribusiness and human development. Faustin runs OBRI company as a co-operative social enterprise, ensuring that farmers and communities are supported. This was aided by her desire to see more women in the agriculture industry.

Commenting on her experience at the time when she was a newbie in the game and to encourage entrepreneurs who are just starting out, Faustin said:

“The first three months after I started my company, I wasn’t 100% sure that my brand will stand out in the market and survive the competition. I had limited perception of what my business is capable of! I chose to shed my illusions, understood the core value proposition in my business model and demystified the workings of the business world. Finally, I found myself achieving more than what I have ever dreamed was possible.”

She often challenges the government to support access to land, provide financial opportunities and design friendly policies that will encourage more women to take agriculture seriously.

In Faustin’s words “The future for women agripreneurs is blossoming. I think it’s high time now for women in Africa to feel confident and start to participate in agriculture for business.”

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  • November 16, 2020 at 2:33 pm

    Congratulations to her.
    Great news, I hope she inspires and encourages others.


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