Saturday, June 22, 2024
Meet the Founder

Patricia Majule is Improving Tanzania’s Economy Through her Gifting Company, Unique Favors TZ

Patricia Majule is the director and founder of Unique Favors TZ, a company that locally designs and manufactures custom party supplies, box packages, favors & gifts for informal parties and corporate organizations across Tanzania.

Majule founded the business in 2014 when she noticed that many Tanzanians were importing paper supplies from abroad. The business has been growing consistently since its inception.

The idea for the business came after she noticed that most people were importing paper supplies from abroad for the purpose of creating quality gift products instead of investing in machines to drive the main source of production locally, thereby cutting costs.

She devised the business idea such that people are able to buy quality products made in Tanzania at a lower price and to also promote industrialization in Tanzania leading to greater development in the country.

Patricia hopes to expand all over Africa, especially focusing on the production of specialist cardboard products since they use left overs of eggshell arts. She believes strongly that this will result to a positive contribution to the preservation of the environment.

She is also of the opinion that in the next five to ten years, majority of people will understand the importance of using paper bags and gift boxes especially when it comes to helping to preserve the environment and in the case of eggshell recycling. Hence, her mission to control environmental pollution would have been accomplished.

To aspiring African entrepreneurs, Patricia has this to say “To be successful one needs to be consistent with the idea and the business for it to grow; avoid procrastination; put God first in everything you do; and do not give up. Remember that nothing great comes from simplicity – you have to endure a lot of tough days.”

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