Sunday, April 21, 2024
Startups in Africa

Lori Systems is Revolutionizing the Cargo-Transport Value Chain in Africa

Lori Systems was founded in 2016 by Josh Sandler, it is a pan-African logistics coordination platform that seamlessly connects cargo owners to transportation. Lori solves the problem of high cost of goods across Africa, where up to 75% of the cost of a product on the continent is attributed to logistics compared to 6% in the United States.

The vision of the startup is to lower the cost of goods in Africa, it enables logistics space to operate at an order of magnitude more than it does today. The team does this by eliminating customer pain points along the cargo journey with new technologies, superior user experience and cost savings.

Also, higher efficiency through Lori has been demonstrated to drive costs down, which is expected to create new jobs and stimulate overall economic development in a tangible way. It has increased marketing and sales for most entrepreneurs and has also ensured optimized truck utilization.

Lori Systems first launched in Kenya and started working with a network of trucking companies and it was around that time that the startup caught the attention of TechCrunch and competed with a host of other growing startups on the TechCrunch stage and eventually won the competition.

Praising the effectiveness of Lori Systems, a client said “I could not operate my business without Lori Systems. it has saved me time, money and given me peace of mind. The value of this is immense.”

Lori Sytems has won quite a number of awards, in 2017, the startup won the award of the Winner of TechCrunch Battlefield Africa, Fastest growing company in the Global Africa Business Awards (GABA) in 2018, and winner of Innovation Award at the East Africa Maritime Awards (EAMA). The startup currently has about 51 to 200 employees.

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