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Meet the Founder

How Mubarak Muyika Transformed a Tragedy to a Successful Tech Story

Mubarak Muyika is a Kenyan-American business executive, computer programmer and internet entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley.

Being an orphan who started doing business since he was in high school, Muyika’s passion for entrepreneurship saw him turn down a fully paid scholarship to the prestigious Harvard University in the US last year to follow the unbeaten path of setting up a computer business.

While a student at Friends School Kamusinga, Muyika won two awards in Kenya;s national science fair, the annual Kenya students congress on science and technology. He graduated from Friend’s School Kumusinga in 2011.

In that same year (2011) when he was 16 years old, Muyika founded Hype Century, a web hosting company. He soon incorporated two of his friends in the enterprise and within three months, the business became a highly profitable one.

In 2012, he registered Hype Century Technologies and Investments Ltd, to deal mainly in web-designing and domain registration but he later sold to Wemps Telecoms two years later for six figures. In the following year, he received the Anzisha Prize for young entrepreneurs for his work in Hype Century.

In 2013, he established another company, Zagace Ltd, which one could regard as an advanced version of the former. Zagace is an enterprise management platform that uses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and web-hosting resources to create a basic forum for business systems and processes.

Mubarak is set to take the world and may never relent until he achieves his purpose. Zagace is also a company which runs an app store for businesses to access software for accounting, human resources management, marketing, among other uses.

In 2015 and 2017, Muyika was listed as one of Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 and he was the youngest in Business Insider’s list of top young entrepreneurs around the world. Yahoo also named him one of the ‘nine Mark Zuckerbergs’ of other countries.

Muyika is in no way ready to let go of the reins of technology, as he continues to thrive in the tech scene and continue to come up with trailblazing innovations to improve the technology industry.

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