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Entrepreneurship Lessons: 5 African Business Owners Share Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Meet the Founder is Founders Africa interview series where we pose to same questions to business owners in the continent.

One of the questions is, ‘What advice will you give young entreprreneurs who are just starting out?’

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best responses so far.

1) Ophelia Crossland

CEO, Ophelia Crossland Designs

Every young person needs to work extremely hard. Entrepreneurship is not a 9-5 experience but a 12-12. There will be good days and bad days but keep your head up. Your product is the solution to a need and you’re really important.

2) Andrew Pfaff

CEO, Rental Planet

I’d say starting as early as possible. If I had the chance back then, I would have started in first year varsity, the earlier you start, the less obligations you have and the more risk you can take.

For those who have already started, I’d say talk about your idea with as many people as possible. It’s often a misconception that someone will steal the idea and your project will disappear from you. The earlier you talk about it the better and the advice you get is invaluable.

3) Brendan McNulty

Founder, Now Novel

Three major things:

The more you focus on your customer the better you can create something that will work for them

Be a cockroach, it’s a long game and by surviving you’ll stand in better stead of succeeding

Content marketing (and SEO) helps to create an audience that continues to interact over time. Invest in it.

4) Temie Giwa-Tubosun

Founder, Lifebank

Be dogged and consistent, there are lots of factors that will try to pull you down, from policies to resources.

Have your eyes set on the goal and consistently give it your best. Be consistent with your thought, purpose and action.

5) Blondie Okpuzor

CEO, Bathkandy

It is so important to work hard and master your craft. You cannot avoid the work you need to do as an entrepreneur.

Success is hard but the hardwork serves as building blocks that build the bridge from your now to your successful future.

You must know your industry and your craft like the back of your hand and you really cannot fake it till you make it, the work must be done.

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