Saturday, March 2, 2024
Startups in Africa

South Africa’s TeachMe2 is Providing Tutoring Services for Students

TeachMe2 is South Africa’s largest private tutoring company founded in 2007 by Nick Miller. The tutoring company provides tutors for high school and University students predominantly.

They find and manage South Africa’s most qualified and reliable tutors and match them to customers’ tutoring requirements.

Most importantly, they take away the hassle of having to find tutors for certain subjects, hence, they take it upon themselves to scout for competent and experienced tutors to connect with students.

TeachMe2 helps to schedule lessons and will replace tutors at any stage without any additional cost. They also make it convenient for users in that the tutors travel to the customers so as to ease the learning process. All that is required is for the customer to indicate their needs and purchase the package of lessons which suits them.

They offer tutoring programs for Accounting, Afrikaans, English, Life Science, Maths and Science. They also provide an avenue of tutorship for University students in Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Maths, Physics and Statistics.

One of the challenges faced by the establishment was transitioning from a fully remote to an office-based workforce after two years of its establishment. At that time, the staff barely knew themselves and this made them to start learning and rebuilding their culture and values from the scratch.

They are also keen on customer support, ensuring that when a tutor lets a customer down for example, it is up to their support staff to ensure that such customer ends up satisfied and keep having lessons.

TeachMe2 continues to provide a quite awesome, seamless and delightful experience for their customers and it retains its spot as South Africa’s largest private tutoring company since 2007 and has been able to positively impact lives in South Africa.

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