See How Ronak Shah is Improving Hygiene in Kenya

Ronak Shah is the founder and CEO of Kronex Chemicals Ltd, a fast-growing company manufacturing low-cost household cleaning products such as dishwashing liquids and multi-purpose detergent for Kenya’s lower-class citizens.

Shah’s entrepreneurial journey started when he left Kenya for further studies in London at 18. He graduated in 2009 with a degree in management economics from the London School of Economics.

He founded Kronex in 2013, with main focus on two products: dishwashing liquid and multi-purpose detergent, both of which are gaining market share among Kenya’s lower middle-class and taking on big firms in the battle for a share of the local detergents industry.

Ronak Shah’s aim of launching the startup was to introduce a product that will not put buyers out of pocket. In fact, at Kronex chemicals ltd. One liter of the liquid basil soap goes for Sh150 while sachets go for Sh5 are also available in kiosks.

“All the banks rejected my proposal for funding on first approach. Family and friends came to my rescue by putting up about Sh6 million” Shah said. Eventually, the lenders offered him a huge loan which he used to set up a plant along Mombasa road and he also completed his research lab.

“I have had the passion for entrepreneurship and particularly to sell products that would help Kenyans improve hygiene” he said. He was inspired by the need to change the entire nation’s approach to hygiene.

Through billboards, radio and television advertisements and also an interactive application on Google Play store that creates hygiene awareness, the company has been able to effectively publicize its services.

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