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Meet the Founder

See How Yaye Souadou Fall is Transforming Used Tyres to Treasures in Senegal

Just like several African countries, Senegal faces the challenging issue of waste management. For this reason, old used tyres are usually burned to extract the iron they contain.

Due to her interest in environmentally-friendly technology, Yaye Souadou Fall could not help but notice how her community was littered with tires and other plastics, she was prompted to contribute her quota to the Senegalese economy by exploring her interest in waste management.

While she was a business school student at ISM (Dakar) she, alongside six of her classmates took up the challenge of recycling the thousands of tyres that most people do not pay attention to on the streets of Dakar.

In achieving this, the team of seven delved into a rigorous research and they found a solution to meet this challenge. They started by grinding tires, using a meat chopper to create a new material at a higher potential that will enable them to manufacture floor tiles. These tiles however, are removable, not slippery and waterproof. Also they are also perfect for basketball courts and playgrounds.

This however proceeded to birthing the startup named E-cover in 2015, where Yaye is the cofounder and President.

At E-cover, wastes are rejuvenated through the recycling and industrial processing of used tires. This process has been used in the making of countless local products such as shoe soles, tiles for playgrounds, courtyards and terraces, floor coverings for swimming pools and lots more.

Yaye is relentless in her quest to change the waste disposal culture, her impact goes way beyond the employment opportunities she offers, she continues to fuel the paradigm shift from commonly recycling tyres from their metal content to a larger potential of the use of these old tires.

Also, many businesses, sport centers and individuals are benefitting from the ecofriendly products her venture offers. They’ve been used in the development of urban roads, habe increased import substitution and offers companies opportunities to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

In the next five years, she hopes to diversify into other forms of plastic waste which can be repurposed into alternative uses like clothing.

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