Interview: Meet Samuella Emesone of Othello’s Place

It is never too early to start earning your own money and learning to walk on both legs. Legendary Warren Buffett started investing at age 11.

In this feature, Founders Africa will be sharing Samuella Rukeme Emesone’s story. She is a student of University of Benin, Nigeria, and owner of two startups.

She takes us through her journey of combining being a student and being an entrepreneur.

1. What does your brand represent?

Othelo’s Place is a printing brand that customizes gift items, prints jotters, paper bags and general souvenirs. I like to call it the gift shop

Othelo’s Surprises handles birthday surprises, engagement setups, event management and planning.

2. How have you been able to combine academics and entrepreneurship ?

This question is a very tricky one. I’ve been asked countless times on how I manage countless activities with my academics.

First, I’d say it’s been the grace of God. For wisdom to manage all of these things.

Secondly, it really hasn’t been easy, but I guess the zeal to succeed in everything I involve myself in pushes me to balance it up.

Most times, I miss classes because of orders or event bookings. Nevertheless, I place emphasis on my night study, I attend classes to the best of my ability and get notes from my mates to level up.

I have been quite successful at it.

3. So far, how has the entrepreneurial journey been for you?

It hasn’t been an easy one.

I tell people daily that being a student and managing a business is very stressful. Sometimes, I have to go to class, run to the market, deliver or set up for a job and I might be returning to my hostel by 8 or 9pm.

4. Any candid advice for young persons like yourself who want to venture into entrepreneurship?

Basically, I try my best to encourage youths to get involved in entrepreneurship. It is not easy but poverty or joblessness isn’t easy as well.

The country isn’t supportive, and even after graduating, a lot of youth are still jobless. Entrepreneurship is a backup plan so everyone should get involved to support themselves.



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