Sunday, May 26, 2024
Meet the Founder

Meet Gloria Otieno, The Entrepreneur Disrupting Kenya’s Human Resources Industry

Most times, deciding on the perfect niche for one’s business venture is always a tricky thing, but for Gloria Otieno, she knew intrinsically that her entrepreneurial journey would drift towards human resources and training.

She is the Founder of Recours Four Kenya Consultants Limited, a leading human resources consultancy and training firm based in Westlands, Nairobi.

The startup uses innovative approaches to curb unemployment, progress careers and improve organisational staff development. Their focus is on progressing the youth in a competitive job market and giving them the skills to help bridge the gap between unemployment and the workplace.

Otieno was working at Kenya Airways before she quit her job due to a lack of work satisfaction.

She had always felt like there was a gap in the HR sector and was concerned with the way the youth conducted themselves at interviews. The way hiring companies selected candidates contributed to her decision to make an impact and eventually decided to start her own HR firm.

She is also the Founder of R4K student Ambassador program in Kenya, which allows bright students to be mentors to students that are having problems getting through university. The program basically empowers the student leader to motivate and inspire the group members into action and completion of university.

Gloria aspires that her startup becomes the leading Human Resource Consultancy in the world that promotes profitably within any organisation by helping them achieve success through their young people. She is also looking to gain international investors that can help expand reach to more people.

Gloria continues to fuel her passion for human resources and skills development. She is making a huge difference to the development of a new, well-trained population who will drive the future economy of the country.

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