Lynk is Transforming Kenya’s Informal Sector

Kenya is undoubtedly one of the African countries with a fast-growing economy. However, its informal sector still accounts for 45% of total economic activity and over 80% of the working population is still mainly involved in the informal economy.

It is however laudable that a new wave of startups are currently taking over the Kenyan economy in their massive numbers, using technology and deploying new economic models that provide a response to the challenges experienced by these informal workers. A good example of this is Kenya’s Lynk.

Lynk was founded by Adam Grunewald and Johannes Degn in 2016, it is an online platform that partners with Kenyan artisans to showcase and promote their products and services. Through these partnerships, the startup strives to create a thriving online commerce industry that presents the works of the artisans first to Kenya and then to the world.

At Lynk, it is believed that the relationship between households and informal workers is broken. And the startup envisions a world where everyone can enjoy job security, fair wages and a safe work environment, coupled with the opportunity for career growth.Also, Lynk aims to ensure that for Kenyan households, hiring someone for a job should be safe convenient and fair. The Lynk platform is designed to address each of these issues, offering a network of professionals that grows and improves over time.

The main mission of the Lynk team is to reflect the shared passion for the successful and equitable growth of the Kenyan informal sector. Lynk continues to evolve through discussions and explorations wit countless workers, homeowners, researchers and entrepreneurs.

The startup continues to grow its network in Nairobi and looks forward to expanding their tentacles to other African countries and eventually throughout the globe.

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