Friday, June 14, 2024
Startups in Africa

Kenya’s iProcure is Re-Inventing Agricultural Distribution for Rural Africa

iProcure is the largest agricultural supply chain platform in rural Africa. The Nairobi-based startup provides a multifaceted market intelligence platform for supply chain management, monitoring sales prices in remote locations, and supporting built-in mobile payments.

Founded in 2013 by Nicole Galletta and Stefano Carcoforo, iProcure has raised about $1 million in venture capital.

The company also assists with warehousing, using “predictive algorithms [to] ensure that essential commodities are never in short supply,” as well as last-mile delivery.

On the other side of the financial coin, iProcure helps retailers identify geo-located purchasing patterns in real time, in turn helping them offer targeted loyalty programs and discounts to farmers.

In addition to complete procurement and last mile distribution services, they provide business intelligence and data-driven stock management across the supply chains. They deliver great value to both manufacturers and consumers.

Through real-time business intellience, iProcure provide an alternative distribution channel that ensures users product gets all the way to the end consumer.

They make it a point of duty to know who is buying, when and for how much; iProcure provides complete supply chain visibility.

Their storage facilities are strategically located to ensure extensive reach to the rural consumer. They have predictive algorithms in order to ensure that essential commodities are never in short supply.

Most importantly, from data-driven distribution to the last mile delivery, iProcure provides complete procurement and distribution solution for farm supply to partners that want to streamline their streamline their distribution and improve efficiency and customer service.

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