Thursday, June 13, 2024
Startups in Africa

Ghana-based PEG Africa is Providing Solar Power for West Africans

Over 150 million people in West Africa have no access to electricity. They spend up to 30% of their incomes on poor quality, polluting fuels like kerosene, candles, and batteries and most of the times, they have to travel many miles just to charge their cell phones.

PEG Africa, a Ghana-based energy company founded in by has introduced a new approach to improve electricity system in West Africa, they enable customers to stop spending money on poor quality polluting fuels by helping them generate their own power through solar energy.

This unique approach allows PEG Africa to have a lasting impact on millions of people. They make use of “pay as you go” financing system that allows customers to pay for and fully own their solar energy products through affordable monthly instalments.

Through this are able to provide life changing products such as solar home systems to customers who would never be able to afford them otherwise.

The products not only help consumers to improve health outcomes, fight climate change and save money but also give customers a path to asset ownership and financial inclusion. They use a mixture of technology, local partners and local service centers to make sure products get to their customers on time and at low cost.

They also operate a 7 day a week call center and dozens of community-based service centers in each country so they can be close to their customers and quickly and efficiently solve problems. In doing this, the startup partners with industry leaders and invest in technological capabilities that allows them to efficiently service a disparate and remote population.

PEG Africa also involve in CSR initiatives that are aimed at supporting the off-grid communities in which they operate, bringing them improved access to healthcare and education. The team is committed to improving lives of people in every community they work with. Their unique approach means that they are able to make a deep and positive impact on the people they assist.

At the moment, PEG Africa is operational in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal and hopes to expand to all West African countries and the entire African continent.

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