Monday, March 4, 2024
Meet the Founder

Desmond Koney is Improving Food Security in Africa

Desmond Koney is the Founder and CEO of Complete Farmer, A Ghana-based agri-tech company that was founded in 2018 to develop sustainable solutions to ensure food security in Africa generally and also to ensure that in the process, users can earn money from remote farming.

There are speculations that by the year 2020, the earth’s population would reach a staggering 8 billion. That is, we cannot feed the world’s population with traditional farming methods.

Therefore, it is important that we explore different methods to address these challenges for the survival of the human species in the ever-changing, resource-demanding world.

It was this sense of responsibility that made Kooney and his team step out to develop innovative solutions using technology that will reduce the barriers to successful farming in Ghana and Africa, so as to improve yields and maximize return investments in farming.

They afford users with the opportunity to sponsor farm managers, monitor progress from the comfort of their homes, and earn returns upon harvest and then Complete Farmers sell produce to purchasers.

The aim of Complete Farmer is to allow agriculture to thrive in specific regions of Africa. They ensure that as the crop menu increases, they update their database on proprietary crop cultivation protocols by gathering more data through the extension of its field sensory networks for specific crop species.

The startup is also working on a mobile application which is expected to further simplify farming experience for users.

The app will include a host of features, including a chatbot for faster customer service, and also social media integration to enable users to share photos and videos of their farms.

There are also undergoing plans to launch its crowd farming service for universities and diaspora communities as it looks to acquire a larger customer base.

Desmond Koney’s startup continues to double its impact in the African agriculture industry and delivering a higher level of satisfaction to users.

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