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4 Business Ideas for Pet lovers

There are people who find pure joy and purpose in rearing pets, but it doesn’t have to be something that you just do to pass time alone.

It is quite possible to monetize your expertise and interest in animals. Below are four business ideas for lovers of pets:

Pet Sitting

Pet sitters visit potential clients’ homes several times each day to provide routine pet care such as feeding, giving medication, taking dogs on walks and cleaning litter boxes.

Pet sitting is a popular business with very low overhead or capital since your expenses are only limited to travel and advertising costs.

It is possible to start the business by yourself and then hire employees as client base grows and you can also combine it with other things.

Dog Training

This is also another lucrative business for pet lovers and it has a low startup cost. While formal education is not required, a dog trainer usually benefits from having professional certification, as this enhances reputation.

Dog trainers can train dogs in a variety of locations including client homes, pet stores, boarding facilities and obedience schools.
Private or group lessons may be offered.

Trainers can also specialize in particular areas of training such as agility, obedience or teaching herding commands.

Pet Boutique

Having a pet boutique is also a way to carve out a niche in the local pet market. It is a kind of business that can either operate out of a retail location or through a website, depending on how much money the startup owner wants to invest up front.

Most pet boutiques offer products that can be customized at the client’s request such as pet bedding, engraved pet tags and gift baskets.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is really the most popular pet service business. Walkers also have a low budget required to start this business, as the primary expenses are just advertisement and travel expenses.

This also serves as a good option for those who like to exercise, but one must be prepared to walk in varying temperatures and changing weather conditions.

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