Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Startups in Africa

YouFarm is Facilitating Investment in Agriculture Easily

In Zimbabwe, Agriculture is a huge deal and the opportunities that stem from it are endless.

Apparently, one of the biggest problems that act as a stumbling block for farmers is getting loans in order to start operating. Most farmers struggle to get funding.

YouFarm is an I.T based business founded in 2017 by John-Paul Matenga to cover this gap.

With basic specialization in finance, agriculture and investment, the startup finds alternative funding for farmers by allowing people without land to invest in agricultural production and share the profits when the crop or livestock goes to market.

The startup guarantees a return on investment (ROI) by ensuring that farmers receive support and training, crop insurance and access to markets.

YouFarm provides farmers with access to collateral free funding and technology by getting people to invest in crops and livestock and share the profits with the farmers when the produce goes to market.

It allows anyone to invest from anywhere in the world through their website or mobile application.
Investments can either be short term (120 days), medium term (6 – 9 months) or long term (12 months and above).

It allows people to purchase and trade forward livestock contracts with Micro Agriderivatives.

YouFarm allows people without access to land an opportunity to earn money and become a part of the agricultural value chain. Start earning money in 3 simple steps; Select, Invest and Harvest.

Investors can sign up to see the farms and projects that are in line with the time frame they desire.

One of the strategies used to safeguard investors and farmers is that no plant is actually planted unless the market for that crop has already been secured.

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