Sunday, April 21, 2024

Daystar Power is Providing Clean and Reliable Solar Power for Africans

We all envision a world where affordable, reliable and clean power ceases to be a privilege and is ready available for use whenever we need it. Being at the forefront of technological innovation, Daystar Power Energy Solutions a Mauritius-based energy company is bringing reality into this dream by continuously testing and adopting new best practices, technologies and solutions to serve African businesses in the best way possible.

Daystar Power was founded by Christian Wessels in 2017. The energy startup provides customers with continuous power for a monthly fee and zero capital expenditure, by employing a combination of technologies, including solar power and battery backup. The company provides this service to the banking, retail, agricultural, logistics and industrial clients generally.

Typically, the solar system they provide is significantly cheaper than the power sources currently employed and is added to the energy mix. And in getting this done, first they start by selling the idea to a potential customer in a detailed proposal, explaining how much they will reduce electricity expenses and how the entire system works. Then, they conduct an in-depth audit of the site, taking all electricity consumers into account.

After a successful bargain with the client, their in-house installation team will install the system, in compliance with best practice safety and quality standards. Subsequently, hey mainly operate and maintain the system, ensuring that it delivers continuous and reliable power.

Christian Wessels, Founder and Executive Chairman at Daystar Power says “Daystar Power provides Solar Power Solutions to leading companies in Nigeria and West Africa, including banking, consumer goods, agriculture and manufacturing clients. We save our customers regularly up to 25% of their energy costs, whilst providing them with a reliable source of energy at close to 100% uptime across all our installed systems.”

Recently, the startup received 10 million US Dollars for its expansion of solar operations in West Africa so as to expand its offering for Solar Power Solution for commercial and industrial customers across the region.

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