Zend wants to be Nigeria’s Uber for Delivery

Zend Mobility is a mobile platform that connects Nigerians who have items for delivery with vehicles that have empty spaces.

Founded by Abraham Ojes, Zend intends to provide adequate solution to the stress of slow and unsecured means of delivering packages from one person to another, and logistics problem generally.

They plan to accomplish this by finding the closest vehicle with an empty space that is willing to deliver a package to someone else.

The receiver however can keep track of their deliveries in one place through Zend’s real time delivery feature. This is also an opportunity of partnership with the person who has accepted to make the delivery to monetize the space in their vehicles by delivering packages from one location to another, such receiver stands as a middle man between Zend and the receiver.

Zend also gives room for last mile deliveries for businesses that needs to send those packages to their customers by connecting them to the drivers with an empty trunk.

It is important to note that the rules guiding each transaction would be based on the agreement between the parties. In light of this, on his twitter account, Abraham Jones stated, ‘businesses can define the place of pick up and drop off, track the delivery in real time and save over 50% more’.

He further tweeted, ‘we are still in our pilot and so much development is going on at the moment. I will like you to help me test it out during your spare time and tell me what you think.’

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