Thursday, June 13, 2024
Startups in Africa

WhereIsMyTransport is Improving Africa’s Transportation Sector

A group of tech entrepreneurs in South Africa predicted that poor transport could cost the country a whooping sum of 104 billion dollars. The calculation comes from their startup company WhereIsMyTransport that has now launched an online platform which they hope can drastically improve the daily commute for people in cities across Africa.

The platform was launched by Chris King, Dave New and Devin Vries in 2008, and it basically deals with Information services, Information technology and Software. It is a technology company with offices in London and Cape Town, they collect and provide access to public transport data from African cities overcoming the complexity of local networks and enabling customer success through their unique data and services.

Their offerings include data collection, data access and journey planning. Clearly highlighted on their website, some of the functions of the startup includes:

1) Creating accurate information from formal and informally run public transport networks with their efficient and effective data collection.

2) Making informed decisions and enrich data tools with their unique public transport data which accurately reflects mobility in emerging cities.

3) Offering jouney planning services using a reliable timetable, frequency and fare data for formal and informally run public transport modes.

The startup has received a number of awards; as winner of the Global Urban Innovator, New Cities Foundation in 2017, Winner of the Promising Transport Innovation Award, International Transport Forum in 2016, winner of African Climate Solver, WWF in 2015, South African winner of the Startuo Tel Aviv in 2015, Winner of Global Grand Mobi Prize in 2015, Top 3 in the FT/IFC Sustainable Business Awards and Top 3 in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Global Final. The startup has also been featured in Wired, The Guardian and BBC among others.

The purpose of WhereIsMyTransport extends from their business to the core of their company culture, which is built on four values: Support, Strive, Solve and Serve. The team is passionate about bringing innovation to solve real problems for real people, irrespective of where exactly they are present in their established locations (London and Cape Town).

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