Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Wesabi: On-Demand Platform for Highly Skilled Artisans in Nigeria

The search for proper artisans and craftsmen could be very daunting and uncoordinated in Nigeria, this was one of the reasons why Murtala founded an on-demand platform, Wesabi in July 2015 to provide an organized solution to this issue and to bring ease to the process of locating of highly skilled artisans to help Nigerians with various works.

The platform helps Nigerians to find skilled workers in their neighborhood, through a website and free mobile app to help out with works ranging from repairs, installations or cleaning to painting, laundry services and general domestic needs among other things. Their matching algorithm identifies and alerts the best available and verified handymen and service providers in the user’s neighborhood.

At the moment, wesabi works majorly with the Nigerian market system and the payment process is made at the conclusion of the job and worker is reviewed, this helps in ensuring that workers are held accountable.

Wesabi also provides Insurance protection which covers property damage or rare theft. No hidden charges or additional fees for the Insurance protection. Each worker and every single qualified task are secured and the guarantee of affordable, trained and thoroughly vetted workers for both domestic and commercial needs are certain.

In addition to Wesabi being just a service marketplace, it is also a service network connecting people in real time to get things done. The Platforms allows individuals and cooperate organizations to have access to various skilled workforce at the click of a button. All workforce are categorized into Handymen, Moving Help, Home cleaning, Photography, and lots more. Platform include; Website, mobile application, and a 24/7 call center service.

The platform anticipates over 2 million households and 500,000 offices and over 500,000 service providers to be subscribed on the platform in the next three years.

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