Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Startups in Africa

Value for Self and Humanity: Social Enterprise, Tzedakah wants to Solve Nigeria’s Healthcare and Education Challenges

Tzedakah is a startup run by a charity organization in Nigeria called The Keturah Movement.

Owing to the fact that a lot of people are of the opinion that their wellbeing comes first before every other person’s, the Keturah Movement changes the game by establishing a balanced and symbiotic business platform where both the buyer and seller are not at a loss.

Tzedakah is a social enterprise where products are sold and the entire profit goes into charity and they are sold out to solving basic social issues, including Healthcare and Child education. In their resolution, ‘we believe that a healthy person has contributions to make our society better and also an investment in a child’s education is an investment in our future’.

With the funds, they plan on reaching out to schools to donate learning materials such as school bags, exercise books and other writing materials to students,  give words of encouragement and offer career guide through seminars. They also plan to visit hospitals to donate healthcare, rehabilitation and revitalization materials and also rural areas for sensitization on physical/mental health.

They are kicking-off by selling branded Tshirts, branded Tote bags and branded face caps and using the entire profit for charitable causes.

In their annual schedule, they have set aside a week for this purpose, where they use the funds gotten to get materials to donate learning materials and healthcare aids.

What’s more beautiful than getting value for yourself and humanity at the same time?! The Keturah Movement is set out to change the entire humanism game.

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