Tuteria is Grooming Students by Providing Online Tutoring Linkups in Nigeria

Tuteria is an online platform that connects Nigerians seeking to learn, with people in their neighborhood who can teach that subject or skill that ranges from academics to beauty and lifestyle. It was established with the aim of linking tutors with Nigerian learners.

It was founded by Godwin Benson a system engineer who turned his lifelong passion for teaching and learning into an exciting and innovative startup in 2015. Benson was inspired by his own experience as a tutor to launch this project and he was subsequently joined by Abiola Oyeniyi who is one of the top Python developers in Nigeria is the CTO of Tuteria and also writes the code.

The selection of potential tutors is ensured by a verification process that includes an ID and qualifications check along with standard competency tests. In April 2015, Tuteria’s developers were among the winners of the Microsoft Mobile devices and services “Passion to Empire” campaign. The startup was able to raise 3.5 million naira during this campaign. In 2016, Tuteria won the Internet.org innovation challenge for education.

The Tuteria website caters for a wide range of learners and it has 450 approved subjects with 6 main fields: mathematics, science, business, music, languages and computer science. It also accommodates other handcrafts and skills such as beadmaking, dance and photography.

Also, Tuteria deservedly won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s coveted ‘Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation’ out of 16 shortlisted participants and businesses, from eight countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is ‘Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation’ award that encourages talented sub-Saharan African engineers, from all disciplines, to develop local solutions to challenges in their respective communities. The prize selects a shortlist of innovators from across the continent and provides a six-month training and mentorship program to help turn these engineers with incredible ideas into successful entrepreneurs. At the end, a winner is selected and awarded a £25,000 cash prize.

Speaking about Benson’s win, Moses Musaazi, one of the judges from Uganda, said “Godwin Benson’s Tuteria invention changes the way Nigerians and Africans share knowledge and skills with one another. We’re proud to have him as our third Africa Prize winner, and we trust Tuteria will go on to change the lives of millions of people who are eager to learn and develop new skills.”

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