Tupaca, Angola’s First Online Delivery Platform is Delivering Food to the Doorstep of Users

Food is essential to every human being, however fewer people want to stand up from the comfort of their homes to get something to eat, oftentimes because they are preoccupied with one thing or another.

Tupaca has recognized and seized the opportunity as Angola’s first online delivery platform that started with food delivery and now is on path to deliver anything on-demand to revolutionize the delivery service using technology to facilitate their clients’ needs, offering convenience at an affordable price.

Founded in 2015 by Erickson Mvezi and Francisco, the startup boasts of 20,000 users who have access to food delivery from over 120 restaurants in Angola in the palm of their hand. They set out to explore other fields like grocery or pharmaceutical delivery, which they have been able to achieve in 2018.

Perhaps most impressively, Tupaca has demonstrated the ability to fight through adversity, in that it lost the Seedstars World Startups competition in Angola in 2016 and then came back to win it in 2017. Showing off their willingness to change and take input well, both extremely important traits for any startup.

In an interview with AfrikaTech, Erickson Mvezi, the founder and CEO stated, “we save time, effort and money for our users and merchants by providing a convenient platform where users can order and merchants can supply on-demand with our delivery service. Our goal is to continue to add multiple service to our platform and provide reliable delivery service, we look for strategic partnerships that will allow us to grow and export our unique solution to new markets across Africa.”

Like any other startup, Tupaca aims to spread its tentacles to other African countries.

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