Monday, March 4, 2024
Meet the Founder

Titus Mawano is Enhancing Growth for SMEs in Uganda

Dropping out of school to chase a dream is a common trait amongst entrepreneurs, but dropping out of school to help small businesses grow is quite uncommon.

Titus Mawano dropped out of school in his third year while studying Computer Science in the United States to develop Ffene, a low-cost business application that helps SMEs with balancing accounts, inventory and data management.

In June 2012, barely a year after he dropped out of school to face his business, the Ugandan techpreneur emerged the winner of the World bank sponsored Apps For Africa 2012 challenge, earning ($10,000).

In 2013, he came second in the 2013 Anzisha Prize, a competition that recognises and celebrates Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs who have implemented business solutions that impact their communities.

In the same year, In 2013, Titus won the Apps4Africa competition and was awarded $10,000 to continue to scale Ffene to more businesses.

Since then, Ffene has continued, to play a big role not only in the Ugandan market, but also in the African tech startup scene as a whole.

He is discreetly replacing the traditional form of accounting to using standard business management software as it runs on both desktop and mobile devices.

Titus has come to impact each of his customers by cutting costs and ramping up efficiency, but his impact has only scratched the surface of the total impact he is set to make in the coming years through this platform.

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