Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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This 11-Year-Old Nigerian Wants to Clean up Lagos

With our world evolving, it’s no longer strange to see kids providing innovative solutions to problems around them. 5-year-olds, 10-year olds are no longer home with toys, but busy bringing ideas to life.

Misimi Isimi is an 11-year old Nigerian kid entrepreneur that’s on a mission to solve the age-long pollution crisis in Lagos, Nigeria.

Populary called “Miss Environment”, she founded Eco Kids Green Club at the age of 9 and has since taken it upon herself to collect waste from the the streets of Lagos and educate kids like herself on the importance of hygiene, keeping the environment clean and living sustainable lifestyle.

I’m on a mission to save Lagos from environmental waste,” Isimi revealed in an interview with BBC.

“We should stop littering the environment, because if we litter the environment this leads to pollutiin and may lead to diseases and infection which may lead to a high mortality rate, also known as death”.

Misimi is set to solve the pollution crisis in Lagos by educating the younger generation. According to her, “I love to educate kids right from their tender age so when they grow up they can be caretakers, they can be environmentally responsible, and environmentally conscious.”

Misimi is also a gender equality advocate and is presently working on launching a cartoon environmental magazine.

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  • Amanda Ozor

    Nice girl with great attitude I want to be like you


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