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TeachersAroundMe Wants to Redefine Nigeria’s Educational Sector

The Nigerian education system is faced with a number of challenges, top of which is the fact that qualified professionals in the field are not easily gotten and underpaid.

Many Nigerians who studied education are mostly working outside their field of study in a bid to either figure out their own path and or earn a living. Nigerian Edtech startup, was launched to help solve this challenge.

The startup helps educators (teachers, linguists, counselors and skill trainers) get seen and employed for free without having to leave their home for job hunting. by connecting them with those who need their services.

When asked about competition from the likes of Prepclass, Tuteria, the company’s founder and CEO Arik Olakunle Awodein said “we have colleagues, not competitors. As a matter of fact, I’ve met, wined and dined with the supposed competitors you think. We are cool because they are our colleagues. You can’t be cool with a competitor you know. None of them is a threat to us. We are TeachersAroundMe and we are different in many ways. We’re not building a company, we’re building a family, a community of like-minded people on the same mission to redefine lives positively. Tuteria, Prepclass are doing their thing greatly, leaving TeachersAroundMe to do hers.”

According to the TeachersAroundMe team, the startup has been solely funded by the founder and has made significant traction within the space of one year, having more than 6,000 professionals (teachers, linguists, counselors and skill trainers) and about 4,000 clients all achieved with zero cost on marketing.

TeachersAroundMe made the AfricArena 2018 list of 15 recognized startup in Nigeria.

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