South Africa-based FinChatBot is Helping Financial Service Providers to Acquire and Retain Customers through Artificial Intelligence

Finchatbot was cofounded in 2016 by Antione Paillusseau and Roman Diaz. The startup focuses on the development of chatbots to help financial service providers acquire and retain customers through Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered conversations and in less than 2 years, FinChatBot has made it evident that acquisition of new customers via automated chat conversation has a much higher success rate than any other channel.

The startup plans to utilize the resources available at their disposal to continue their rapid growth and expand their impressive client base.

The founders of FinChatBot identified the opportunity to use chatbots to meet the expectations of customers globally for services available all the time, accompanied by a promise to dramatically lower the drop off rate normally experienced by customers who engage with a call center and they have been able to do this by the involvement of their team core members of high skilled developers and entrepreneurs with an extensive experience within the financial industry in South Africa.

Founded in 2016, FinChatBot has developed and continues to provide chatbot experiences for more than 10 top tiers insurers and banks in South Africa.

In Antoine’s words “By implementing our chatbots, financial services providers are able to increase their conversion rates, reduce operational costs and gather more data about customers which can be used for product innovation and customer retention”

They carry out their operations by offering different services to customers such as saving time while reducing call-center costs, multiplatform deployment, enhancing user experience, Impactful AI technology and a flexible and tailor made approach.

It would seem that their planned worked out after all, as the startup concluded 2018 with a bang, announcing that they were able to raise ZAR8 million (US$563,000) in funding from local venture capital firm Salon Venture Partners and the Mauritius-based Compass capital to continue the rapid growth of the company and expand its client baseline.

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