Publiseer is Helping Nigerian Authors and Artistes Publish Their Works for Free

Anyone who has tried going into an industry for the first time can relate to how challenging it can be. From questions on how to start, to raising funds to begin, and getting people to know about what it is you’re doing, it’s take a whole lot of process to find one’s feet.

For Authors and artistes in this category, who do not know how to go about publishing their works or cannot afford to raise money to get it done, Publiseer has been launched as a solution to take all of those worries.

Launched in August 2017 by twin brothers, Chidi and Chika Nwaogu, the platform is a free digital publishing platform tailored to meet the growing needs of independent Nigerian authors and artists by helping them publish their works.

Through Publiseer, young and budding Nigerian Authors get their books published for free, and sold on popular online stores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, Playster, OverDrive and more.

The startup provides authors all that’s required when it comes to getting a book published. For free, they get a professional book cover, a unique ISBN number, worldwide book distribution, press release drafting and distribution, standard book formatting and EPUB file conversion for easy distribution

This is not so different from what Publiseer is offering Artistes who have recorded songs. Their songs are published for free and sold on the Publiseer online store, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple iTunes, Deezer, Shazam, Claromusica, Tidal, and everywhere music is sold online.

They also get a professional cover art, a unique UPC number, worldwide music distribution, press release drafting and distribution, quality music mastering, FLAC file conversion for easy distribution, all at no cost.

Publiseer also promises that after publishing, authors and artistes own the publishing rights to their works, and can republish their work elsewhere. Through a client portal, these authors and artistes are also able to track where their work has been published on and how many units have been sold.

Currently open to only Nigerian authors and artists living in Nigeria, Publiseer has so far published over 60 books and albums for free.

According to the founders, “we have a mission is to promote the creativity of Nigerians to the rest of the world. We believe that every good work deserves to be published, so we’ve created the platform needed to achieve that and help authors and artists succeed in today’s competitive market.”

With its service being offered for free, one would wonder how Publiseer generates revenue. Well, the startup does through a number of methods.

One of such is commission from albums and books sold. After publishing, for every unit of an author/artiste’s work that sells, 25% goes to Publiseer, 25% goes to the author/artiste, and the stores keep the remaining 50%.

For those who want their works published without delay, not having to wait in long queues before it gets to their turn, they can opt-in for fast-track publishing at a fee of ₦3,600.

They also offer authors and artistes dedicated PR services, and help distribute and publish press release globally, and on premium news outlets like Yahoo! News, at a fee of ₦36,000.

Another of its revenue generation method is helping authors/artistes design realistic mockups for their works, presentation video and one-page website, all of which comes at a fee.

Publiseer is providing a very valuable service that would be useful to many. With millions of aspiring authors and artistes in Nigeria, who have not been able to get themselves out there as a result of lack of funds, the platform has a lot of potential of making a name for itself and being a go-to place for publishing within a short period of time.

Although Publiseer has no direct competitor in Nigeria, they acknowledge their international competitors, BookBaby and CDBaby, and place their competitive advantage on their free service, professional cover design, unique ISBN/UPC number, worldwide distribution, press release drafting and distribution, and  more.

Christie Uzebu

Content Creator | Digital Marketer

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