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Oxfam-EDC SME Development Program for Nigerian Entrepreneurs 2018

Oxfam is searching for companies that have a clear social and environmental impact strategy. This includes creating jobs for youth, making use of sustainable resource management solutions, developing renewable energy solutions, sustainable sourcing from local suppliers (e.g. farmers) or selling relevant products/services to low-income Nigerian households. All sectors are welcome to join, especially agribusiness, manufacturing, producers of women’s consumer products, renewable energy and recycling.

Criteria for Eligibility

Age bracket for entrepreneur/manager: 25 to 45 years

Annual turnover: N40million and above

Number of employees: between 10 and 250

Company’s existence: at least 2 years.

The key selection criteria are the social or environmental impact vision and the potential of your business to create jobs The participation fee is N75,000 – only applicable when you are selected to participate.

Oxfam provides tailor-made business development services to support SMEs in Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda and Vietnam. They select businesses based on assessment of their business plans and financial potential and on the social impact that they aim to deliver to their communities. To make sure businesses deliver as promised, social impact is monitored consistently from the start and measured over a period of time.

Click here to apply.

Application Deadline: April 14th, 2018

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