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Nzinga Scale-Up Bootcamp 2019 for Young African Entrepreneurs

 Application Deadline: August 4th 2019

The Nzinga Scale-Up Bootcamp is an opportunity for growth-ready SMES to be equipped with the technical capacity and funding needed to scale and expand their businesses. Sponsored by Alitheia IDF, a pioneering private equity fund that identifies, invests in and grows SMEs led by gender-diverse teams to achieve superior financial returns and social impact, the Nzinga Scale-Up Bootcamp is now open for applications.

The fund aims to level the investment playing field for women by providing access to capital and other resources designed to fuel growth and enable scaling.

The initiative targets female-led SMEs and aims to provide access of up to $3M in investment and other resources designed to fuel growth and enable scaling.


To be considered for the fund and the program, businesses must fulfill the following minimum requirements

  • Must be operating in Ghana, Nigeria, Lesotho, South Africa, Zambia or Zimbabwe
  • Must have a sound performance track record of at least two years
  • Must be generating consistent and growing revenue


The Bootcamp is a six-week series of online and in-person collaborative workshops that will address critical success factors including; financial structuring, corporate governance, leadership and management, route-to-market and growth strategy, and fundraising that position businesses to better attract and readily utilize institutional equity investment needed for expansion.

Submitting the application is the first step in the application process, after which the screened applicants will be invited for an interview. Following the interviews, qualified applicants will be invited to join the Nzinga Scale-Up Bootcamp, and candidates who successfully complete the Bootcamp may receive up to $3M in fund investment.

Click here to apply online.

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