Nigeria’s Kudi is Ensuring Affordable, Fast & Reliable Payment for Africans

Kudi is a Nigeria-based fintech company founded by Yinka Adewale (CEO & Cofounder) and Pelumi Aboluwarin (Cofounder, CTO) in 2016 with the sole aim of easing the experience of financial services for Africans.

It is a financial service provider that focuses on providing access to electronic banking and financial services.

In mid-2016, after a frustrating banking experience, Yinka called his friend, Pelumi to ask three basic questions:

1) How can financial services be accessible to everyone regardless of their age, class or locale?

2) What is the easiest way to make transactions without a physical structure?

3) Can we have a banking experience that is seamless in Africa?

Upon these three basic questions was where the foundation of “Kudi” was established in that same year, 2016. In fact, the first line of code was written that same year. Initially, the company was a chatbot that responds to financial requests.

However, it has grown overtime into a financial technology company providing financial services to all Africans.

The company started out by creating a chatbot to help people send money and pay bills, but they did not stop there. They realized that many people cannot access financial services and they wanted to help, this prompted them to create Kudi App for agents.

It is the team’s hope that regardless of the transaction that is being performed, whether one is stranded in the urban city setting or chilling with friends and need to pay bills or you reside in a remote part of a continent and is in need of banking experience, Kudi caters for financial needs.

Kudi is working tirelessly to make financial services accessible and affordable particularly to the banked, underbanked and unbanked.

At Kudi, the team is still asking those questions and working round the clock to answer those questions correctly to ensure a better financial process to change the banking experience for Africans.

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