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Need Extra Cash? Here are ‘Unsexy’, but Profitable Business Ideas to Consider

When it comes to starting a business, almost everyone thinks of something classy. The kind that won’t leave people stunned, with mouth ajar, and then with a response like, “What?” “Really?” “Are you kidding me”.

But if we keep going for classy businesses that won’t get us stained, how would people get those services, which are sometimes, highly important? If you’re thinking of a business idea, then it’s time to visit the uncharted paths and do something many people would most likely venture into.

The good part of this is, you have fewer competitors and make more profits that you would when you venture into a regular business:


Agriculture is one sector many people do not allow cross their thoughts twice before they do away with it. It might seem unsexy, and you might not like the thought of being called a farmer, but it’s one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria.

From poultry farming, to cattle rearing, fish farming and crop production. There are a lot of things you can do when you go into farming.

Waste management

You probably just cover you nose and run past when you see trucks by the road collecting wastes. You probably have even cussed at the people in the trucks for polluting the entire air. But whatever your thoughts are about the business would not make it less profitable.

Every home always has a bin full of trash at the end of each week. So, calculate how much you’d make from collecting trash in just a single street. To do this, you can save to buy a truck, get a driver and your business is up and running.

Funeral home

No one wants the thought of this. Running a funeral home is totally unsexy. And as much as we’d not like to say this, we really can’t hold it back – people die every day. So, this is one sure, profitable business.

With a funeral home, you’ll never run out of customers. You can even go ahead to sell at an exorbitant price, as none of your customers would be in the mood to haggle prices. They are also interested in given their dead a befitting burial. So, you can give this a go and be assured of making profits from it. But also note that you should only consider this if you’re one that is fearless, and won’t have nightmares at night.

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