Monday, March 4, 2024
Startups in Africa

Mobilecooks is Helping Nigerians Access Professional Cooks Online

In a country like Nigeria where event and ceremonies like weddings and birthdays happen on a regular basis, preparing good and healthy meals can be very tasking, especially when there is a large population to feed.

Mobilecooks has launched to ease the stress involved in preparing meals for occasions and events.

Mobilecooks is an online platform that provides on-demand reliable and professional cooks to prepare your favorite local and international dishes at all your occasions, for your comfort. The platform was founded by Alabuja Daniel, Audu Daniel, Audu Samuel and Ismail Osunlana.

Users can register as either a cook or client. Clients request for cooks by filling a detailed form, which is used to assign professional cook to their desired location. After discussing with the cook on what is to be prepared, clients get billed by the cook.

Clients are not allowed to pay directly to the contracted cooks, and all payments are made to a designated business account available on a printed invoice and on the website.

Mobilecooks also does event planning and outdoor catering services.

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