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Meet the Founder

Meet Kelvin Macharia Kuria, the Kenyan Founder Ensuring Car Protection

At the age of 21, Kelvin Macharia Kuria had already carved a niche for himself in the highly competitive security services industry. Growing up in Nairobi, the incessant cases of vehicle stealing inspired him to start a security company.

Kelvin is the founder and CEO of Sunrise Tracking, a car security company based in Kenya which was founded in 2012. Macharia’s company designs security systems like GPS and CCTV systems and then installs them into his client’s cars.

Explaining the essence of the company, Kelvin said “Sunrise Tracking is a company that offers authentic innovative security solutions for both vehicles and buildings”
Kelvin conceded to the fact that starting out was quite challenging just like any other new businesses and this was mainly due to capital shortfall and market skepticism.

He had Ksh30,000 in savings from his pocket money during his high school days, but it was too little to cover all expenses needed to set up all the required structures for the business to effectively run.

“I decided to start with two units of tracking which I would market by word of mouth and social media posting. My bet was on the innovative feature on my designed product would sell easier and faster” Kelvin said.

“Anytime we install a tracking system in a vehicle, we are able to track it using our fleet management system. Also, the client has access to his or her own account to see how the vehicle is moving, from what point to the next, to get reports from where the vehicle has been moving from” he explains.

One innovation that Macharia has added to his system is the ability to disable a car’s engine by text message and he currently has eight full-time employees.

Sunrise Tracking is currently dealing in a range of products, which include tracking systems for vehicles and motorbikes, alarm systems for vehicles and buildings and surveillance cameras for vehicles and buildings and buildings.

Other services offered by the company include: fleet and fuel management, vehicle recovery and mobile-based surveillance.

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