Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Meet the Founder

Meet Bathabile Moreki, Pioneer of South African Township Economy

In our unrelenting approach to bring into limelight the stories of great black excellence, Bathabile Moreki is one pivotal asset to the improvement of the African economy. She was born and raised in the Free state QwaQwa.

Moreki has a diploma in Tourism Management, a B-Tech in Business Administration and Project Management from University of Johannesburg, and a management from University of Johannesburg coupled with a Management Development Programme (MDP) from Unisa Business School.

Growing up, Moreki had a life-long dream of being a business woman, she was inspired by the business women who receive awards at initiatives like Community Builder of the Year. However, the standard norm of the society forced her to start at the employment level.

This opinion subsequently changed when she worked for the government and she was exposed to a lot of policies that support youth entrepreneurship. After she did intense research, she decided to focus on the franchise industry in a bid to run a business that was accommodative to her personal needs and to contribute more change to her country.

She is currently pioneering Township Economic Transformation which is a consortium TETFE and was envisaged to be delivered in the form of incubation hub which will be developed at townships.

The main purpose of the hub is to offer entrepreneurs the space to trade their business formally with appropriate infrastructure to support their trades so that they can have better access to more markets that they would not ordinarily reach from their homes and to create job opportunities for youths in South Africa.

It also helps to overcome the issues of hygiene and security around trading from home which impacts the growth of the businesses.

She also runs a mentorship program where she transfers skills of starting a business in a franchise industry to new business owners. In fact, through collaboration with South Africa Bureau Services, Nedbank Business, StartUp Grind and Google for Entrepreneurs, she has mentored over 800 youth owned businesses.

She is recognized as a multi-award entrepreneur and philanthropist that has dedicated her life into helping youth and women to achieve their business dreams.

Bathabile is NDP Youth Ambassador, Proudly SA member, and University of Johannesburg Research Associate. As a young social entrepreneur was honored as Community Heroine Award at the Vita Basadi Awards.

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